Does Skims Deliver to Guam?

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Does Skims Deliver to Guam


Skims, the popular shapewear and loungewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian, has gained enormous popularity among women worldwide. However, individuals living in non-mainland areas, such as Guam, often wonder if they can avail of the brand’s products. This article will delve into the question of whether Skims delivers to Guam or not, addressing the concerns of potential customers on the island.

Skims’ Global Reach

Skims has quickly expanded its global reach since its launch in 2019. The brand now ships to numerous countries around the world, offering its stylish and comfortable products to a diverse range of customers. However, due to its location in the Pacific, some customers wonder if Skims delivers to Guam.

Guam and Online Shopping Challenges

As an unincorporated territory of the United States, Guam faces unique challenges when it comes to online shopping and shipping. Being located far away from the mainland often leads to increased shipping costs, longer delivery times, and limited availability of certain brands. Hence, it is essential to evaluate whether Skims includes Guam in its delivery areas.

Skims’ Shipping Policy

To determine if Skims offers shipping to Guam, it is crucial to examine the brand’s official shipping policy. Skims’ website provides detailed information on its shipping procedures, including the list of countries it delivers to. While this list is extensive, unfortunately, Guam is not explicitly mentioned.

Guam: A Unique Case

Given Guam’s position as a U.S. territory, it is reasonable to assume that Skims would ship to the island. However, some brands may overlook smaller territories or have specific restrictions. To clarify this matter, it may be necessary to contact Skims’ customer support directly.

Contacting Skims Customer Support

When attempting to determine if Skims delivers to Guam, reaching out to the brand’s customer support team is a reliable option. Companies like Skims usually have customer service representatives available to answer questions regarding their products and shipping policies. By getting in touch with Skims through a phone call or email, customers in Guam can seek clarity on their shipping options.

Alternatives for Customers in Guam

If Skims does not currently offer delivery to Guam, customers on the island should not feel disheartened. There are alternative methods to procure Skims products. Shoppers can explore authorized retailers or online platforms that specialize in forwarding packages from the U.S. to international locations. These services act as intermediaries, receiving the customer’s Skims order and then shipping it to Guam.


While Skims has expanded its shipping reach to include numerous countries worldwide, the question of whether it delivers to Guam remains unanswered. Due to Guam’s unique situation, it is advised that potential customers reach out to Skims’ customer support for clarification. In the event that Skims does not currently ship to Guam, individuals residing on the island have alternatives available through package forwarding services. With this information in hand, residents of Guam can navigate the process of obtaining Skims products and enjoy the style and comfort they offer.

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