Does Skinner Sights Deliver to Canada?

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Skinner Sights, a renowned manufacturer of rifle sights, has gained a loyal following for its high-quality and innovative products. However, for our Canadian friends who are interested in purchasing these sights, it is crucial to know whether Skinner Sights delivers to Canada. In this article, we will delve into this topic to provide the necessary information for Canadian gun enthusiasts.

Does Skinner Sights Deliver to Canada?

The burning question is, does Skinner Sights offer international shipping to Canada? The good news is, yes, they do. Skinner Sights recognizes the demand for their products from our northern neighbors and has made arrangements to accommodate Canadian customers. This ensures that Canadians can now take advantage of the excellent craftsmanship and reliability that Skinner Sights offers.

Shipping Policies and Options

When it comes to shipping to Canada, Skinner Sights strives to provide a seamless and efficient service. They have developed a clear set of policies and options to meet the needs of their Canadian customers.

For standard shipping, Skinner Sights partners with trusted shipping carriers to deliver their products safely and promptly to Canada. The shipping fees are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the package, providing a fair and transparent pricing structure. However, it is important to note that customs duties and taxes may apply upon delivery, so customers should be prepared for potential additional charges.

To ensure peace of mind, Skinner Sights also offers shipping insurance for an additional fee. This option protects your purchase during transit, providing compensation in case of any damage or loss. Adding insurance is highly recommended, as it guarantees the safe arrival of your order and provides a hassle-free experience.

Ordering Process

Placing an order with Skinner Sights is a straightforward process, regardless of your location in Canada. Their website features an intuitive interface that allows customers to browse their extensive selection of sights and accessories. Once you have selected the desired products, simply proceed to the checkout page.

When entering your shipping address, ensure that it is accurate and complete to avoid any delays or delivery issues. Skinner Sights prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to process orders swiftly. However, international shipping may take longer than domestic deliveries due to various factors such as customs clearance and shipping distance. It is advisable to stay updated with the tracking information provided to anticipate the arrival of your order.

Customer Service and Support

Skinner Sights takes pride in its exceptional customer service. They understand the importance of addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly and efficiently. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues with your order or require assistance, their knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is always available to help. Whether you have questions regarding product specifications, shipping, or after-sales service, you can count on Skinner Sights to provide reliable assistance.


In conclusion, Skinner Sights does indeed deliver to Canada, opening up a world of possibilities for Canadian gun enthusiasts. With their robust shipping policies, clear ordering process, and exemplary customer service, Skinner Sights ensures that customers can enjoy the benefits of their high-quality rifle sights and accessories throughout Canada. So if you’re a Canadian shooter looking for top-notch sights, look no further than Skinner Sights. Browse their extensive range today and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

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