Does Snackcrate Deliver to Canada?

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Snackcrate is a popular subscription service that delivers boxes of international snacks to customers around the world. With a wide variety of snacks from different countries, Snackcrate has gained a loyal following of snack enthusiasts looking to explore new flavors and indulge in tasty treats. However, if you’re living in Canada, you might be wondering whether Snackcrate delivers to your doorstep. In this article, we will dive into the topic and provide you with the information you need.

Does Snackcrate Deliver to Canada?

Yes, Snackcrate does deliver to Canada! Whether you’re in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or any other Canadian city, you can enjoy the convenience and excitement of receiving a box full of international snacks right at your doorstep. Snackcrate offers various subscription plans that cater to different snack preferences and budgets, making it an excellent choice for Canadians who want to satisfy their cravings for tasty treats from around the world.

How Does Snackcrate’s Canada Delivery Work?

When you sign up for Snackcrate as a Canadian customer, the process is similar to customers from other countries. You begin by selecting the subscription plan that suits you best, which could be a one-time delivery or a recurring monthly subscription. Snackcrate offers different box sizes, including mini, original, and premium, each providing a different number of snacks.

After setting up your subscription, Snackcrate will start curating a box of snacks from a specific country for you. Every month, the country changes, ensuring that you get to taste a diverse range of flavors from around the world. Once your box is ready, Snackcrate will ship it from their distribution center directly to your address in Canada.

How Long Does Snackcrate Delivery Take to Canada?

The delivery time for Snackcrate boxes to Canada may vary, depending on the processing and shipping speed. On average, it takes about 5-12 business days for the box to arrive after it has been shipped. However, it’s essential to note that there can be occasional delays due to customs clearance or unforeseen circumstances, which are beyond Snackcrate’s control. Rest assured, though, that Snackcrate strives to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process to get your snacks to you as soon as possible.

Payment and Shipping Costs

Snackcrate offers convenient payment options for their Canadian customers. You can pay for your subscription using major credit cards or PayPal, making it easy and secure to complete your purchase. As for shipping costs, Snackcrate calculates the shipping fees based on your location in Canada. During the checkout process, you will see the exact shipping cost before finalizing your order. It’s worth noting that sometimes Snackcrate offers free shipping promotions or discounts, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering whether Snackcrate delivers to Canada, the answer is a resounding yes! Canadians can enjoy the delightful experience of receiving a box full of international snacks from different countries, right at their doorstep. With easy subscription setup, diverse snack offerings, and secure payment options, Snackcrate makes it convenient and enjoyable for Canadians to explore new flavors. So, get ready to embark on a culinary journey and satisfy your snack cravings with Snackcrate’s exceptional service.

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