Does Snkrs Deliver to India?

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Does Snkrs Deliver to India?

Snkrs is a popular online platform where sneaker enthusiasts can purchase exclusive sneakers from various brands. With its wide range of offerings and limited edition releases, many sneakerheads in India are wondering if Snkrs delivers to their country. In this article, we will explore whether Snkrs provides shipping services to India and what options are available for Indian sneaker lovers.

International Shipping Options

When it comes to international shipping, Snkrs does offer delivery to many countries around the world. However, unfortunately, as of now, India is not among the supported countries for direct shipping.

This means that if you are residing in India and wish to purchase sneakers from Snkrs, you will not be able to have them delivered directly to your address. But don’t be disheartened just yet, as there are still alternative ways to get your hands on those coveted sneakers.

Package Forwarding Services

One way to bypass the direct shipping limitation from Snkrs is by using a package forwarding service. These services act as intermediaries, providing you with a local address in a supported country where Snkrs delivers, and then forwarding your package to your Indian address.

There are several reliable package forwarding companies available that can help you get your Snkrs purchases to India. They will provide you with a unique shipping address in a supported country, such as the United States, and handle the delivery process on your behalf.

Once your sneakers arrive at the package forwarding company’s warehouse, they will forward them to your Indian address using international shipping methods. While this does add an extra step to the process, it is a feasible option for Indian sneakerheads who are eager to get their hands on those limited edition kicks.

Considerations and Costs

Before you opt for a package forwarding service, it is crucial to do some research and consider a few factors. Firstly, make sure the package forwarding service you choose is trustworthy and reliable, as you will be entrusting them with your valuable purchases.

Secondly, be aware that using a package forwarding service will incur additional costs. These costs include shipping charges from Snkrs to the forwarding company’s warehouse, as well as any fees charged by the forwarding company itself. It’s important to factor in these costs when deciding if this option is suitable for you.

Listed prices on Snkrs can sometimes be deceptive, as they do not account for international shipping fees or customs duties. Keep in mind that customs duties and taxes may be levied by Indian authorities when the package arrives in India, so be prepared for additional expenses.


While Snkrs does not currently provide direct shipping to India, there are still ways for sneaker enthusiasts in the country to get their hands on those sought-after kicks. Utilizing a package forwarding service is a viable option, allowing you to enjoy exclusive sneaker releases despite the limitations.

Make sure to research reputable package forwarding companies and consider the additional costs associated with this method. With a little extra effort and some careful planning, Indian sneakerheads can still indulge their passion for fashionable footwear while adding unique pieces to their collections.

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