Does Snkrs Deliver to Romania?

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Sneaker enthusiasts around the world are always on the lookout for the latest releases and limited editions. However, finding the perfect pair of sneakers can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you live in a country where certain brands or retailers do not deliver. Romania, a country known for its passionate sneaker community, has been eagerly waiting for SNKRS to expand its shipping options. In this article, we will explore whether SNKRS delivers to Romania and discuss some possible alternatives for Romanian sneakerheads.

Does SNKRS Deliver to Romania?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, SNKRS, the popular online sneaker marketplace, does not offer direct delivery to Romania. This means that if you are a sneaker enthusiast based in Romania, you might face certain limitations when it comes to purchasing exclusively available sneakers through the SNKRS platform.

While this news might be disappointing for many Romanian sneakerheads, it does not necessarily mean that all hope is lost. There are several alternative options to consider when it comes to getting your hands on the latest releases and exclusive sneaker drops.

Alternative Options

1. Use Package Forwarding Services: Package forwarding services can be a lifesaver for sneaker enthusiasts in countries where direct delivery is not available. These services provide you with a forwarding address in a supported country, allowing you to ship your purchased items there. From the forwarding address, the service will handle the shipping to your actual address in Romania. Although this option may incur additional fees and longer delivery times, it is a viable solution for those who are determined to cop the latest sneaker releases.

2. Explore Reseller Platforms: Reseller platforms such as StockX and GOAT have gained immense popularity among sneakerheads worldwide. These platforms connect buyers and sellers, making it possible for Romanian sneaker enthusiasts to access an extensive range of sneakers, including exclusive releases. While the prices on reseller platforms might be higher than retail, they can be a reliable source for obtaining highly sought-after shoes that might not be available through traditional retail channels.

3. Engage with Sneaker Communities: Online sneaker communities are an excellent resource for information, tips, and opportunities to secure exclusive drops. Websites and forums dedicated to sneaker enthusiasts provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and share their experiences. Engaging with these communities can offer insights into methods, locations, and websites that may potentially provide access to sneakers that can be shipped to Romania.


Although SNKRS does not currently deliver to Romania, there are still viable alternatives for sneaker enthusiasts in the country. Utilizing package forwarding services, exploring reseller platforms, and engaging with sneaker communities can help Romanian sneakerheads access the latest releases and exclusive drops. Remember, the sneaker world is vast, and with determination, research, and the right resources, anyone can add a new pair of coveted sneakers to their collection. So, don’t let the lack of direct delivery discourage you – keep exploring and trying new avenues to satisfy your love for sneakers!

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