Does Soko Glam Deliver to UK?

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Soko Glam, a leading online retailer specializing in Korean beauty products, has gained popularity worldwide. However, if you reside in the United Kingdom, you may wonder whether Soko Glam delivers to your location. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Soko Glam offers shipping services to the UK.

Shipping to the UK

Soko Glam indeed delivers to the United Kingdom, making it possible for UK residents to access the renowned Korean skincare products offered on their platform. Whether you live in bustling London or picturesque Edinburgh, Soko Glam provides shipping services to various regions across the UK, ensuring that customers can enjoy the benefits of K-beauty products no matter where they reside.

Shipping Methods and Cost

When it comes to shipping methods, Soko Glam offers different options for UK customers. Standard shipping, which typically takes around 7-21 business days, is available at a flat rate. Expedited shipping, with a delivery time of 3-7 business days, is also an option for those who wish to receive their products sooner.

As for the cost, Soko Glam’s shipping fees to the UK vary depending on the total order amount. It is important to note that customers may incur additional charges such as customs duties or fees imposed by the UK government. These charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the shipping fees paid to Soko Glam.

Ordering Process

Placing an order with Soko Glam is a straightforward process. UK customers can visit Soko Glam’s website and browse through their extensive range of K-beauty products. The website provides detailed descriptions and ingredient lists for each item, allowing customers to make informed choices. Once the desired products have been added to the cart, UK customers can proceed to the checkout page.

At checkout, customers will be prompted to enter their shipping information, including the UK address where they wish to receive their order. It is important to ensure accuracy when entering this information to avoid any potential delivery issues. After providing payment details, customers can review their order summary before finalizing the purchase.

Customs and Import Charges

When ordering from Soko Glam to the UK, customers should be aware of potential customs and import charges. As mentioned earlier, these charges are the responsibility of the customer and are separate from the shipping fees paid to Soko Glam. Customs and import fees are determined by the UK government and can vary depending on the total value of the order. To prevent any surprises, customers may want to familiarize themselves with the regulations regarding customs duties and fees in the UK.


In conclusion, Soko Glam does offer shipping services to the United Kingdom, allowing UK customers to access the wide range of Korean beauty products they offer. With various shipping options and straightforward ordering process, Soko Glam makes it easy for UK residents to explore and indulge in the world of K-beauty. While customers should be aware of potential customs and import charges, Soko Glam provides a convenient and reliable way for UK residents to incorporate Korean skincare into their daily routines. So, if you’re a skincare enthusiast in the UK, why not give Soko Glam a try and discover the wonders of K-beauty for yourself?

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