Does Starface Deliver to Canada?

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Starface, the popular acne brand that has taken the skincare world by storm, has garnered a considerable following in recent years. However, for those residing in Canada, one question seems to prevail – does Starface deliver to Canada? In this article, we will explore this query and provide all the necessary information regarding Starface’s delivery services in Canada.

Starface’s Delivery Policy

To determine whether Starface delivers to Canada, we must first delve into their official delivery policy. According to Starface’s website, they do indeed offer international shipping to select countries, with Canada being one of them. This bit of information should come as a relief to all Canadian skincare enthusiasts who have been eyeing Starface’s unique acne treatment.

Delivery Time and Costs

Knowing that Starface does deliver to Canada is great news, but it’s equally essential to understand the timeline and costs associated with the delivery process. Typically, Starface ships orders within three business days after the purchase is made. However, the actual delivery time to Canada may vary, depending on multiple factors such as customs clearance and the specific region of Canada in question. To get a more accurate estimate, it is advisable to consult Starface’s customer support or refer to their website for the most up-to-date information.

In terms of delivery costs, Starface charges a flat rate for international shipping. Although the exact amount may fluctuate, it is generally a reasonable fee, considering the distance and logistics involved in delivering a package from the United States to Canada. It is worth noting that any additional customs duties or taxes imposed by Canadian authorities are the responsibility of the customer. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of potential extra costs that may be incurred upon delivery.

Placing an Order

Now that we know Starface does deliver to Canada, the next step is understanding the process of placing an order. Fortunately, the online shopping experience with Starface is straightforward and user-friendly. Canadian customers can visit Starface’s official website, browse through their range of products, and add desired items to their cart. Once the order is complete, shoppers can proceed to the checkout page and input their Canadian address for shipping.

During the checkout process, it is essential to double-check the accuracy of the shipping address, as any mistakes may lead to delays or even lost packages. Additionally, it is advisable to review the terms and conditions provided by Starface, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.


In conclusion, Starface does deliver to Canada, offering Canadian skincare enthusiasts the opportunity to try their innovative acne treatments. With a user-friendly website, a reasonable delivery timeframe, and a flat-rate shipping fee, Starface ensures that Canadian customers can easily access their sought-after products. While additional costs, such as customs duties, may be incurred, the overall convenience and availability of Starface in Canada make it a fantastic option for those seeking effective acne solutions. So, if you’re residing in Canada and curious about Starface products, worry no more – Starface is just a few clicks away!

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