Does Stride Rite Deliver to Canada?

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When it comes to children’s footwear, Stride Rite is a trusted name for its quality and style. Parents often turn to this brand to ensure their little ones are wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. However, for parents residing in Canada, the question arises: does Stride Rite deliver to Canada? In this article, we will explore whether Stride Rite offers shipping services to Canadian customers, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Canadians’ Access to Stride Rite

For many years, Canadian customers had limited access to Stride Rite products due to the brand primarily operating within the United States. This left Canadian parents searching locally for alternatives that could match the quality and reliability of Stride Rite shoes. However, in recent years, Stride Rite has expanded its shipping services, allowing Canadians to access their products with ease.

Shipping to Canada

Good news for Canadian parents! Stride Rite now delivers to Canada, making it much more convenient for them to purchase their desired shoes directly from the brand’s website. The transition has allowed Stride Rite to cater to a larger customer base, including those residing outside of the United States. This development has been highly appreciated by Canadian parents who value the brand’s commitment to quality and foot health.

Ordering Process for Canadians

To order from Stride Rite’s Canadian website, the process is quite simple. Canadians can visit the brand’s official website and browse through the various shoe collections available. Once they have selected their desired shoes, they can proceed to the checkout page and provide their shipping address within Canada. Stride Rite offers different shipping options, allowing customers to select the most suitable one based on their preferences and urgency.

Shipping Costs and Times

While Stride Rite does deliver to Canada, it is essential to consider the associated costs and delivery times. Shipping costs will vary based on factors such as the weight of the package and the selected shipping service. It is recommended to review the shipping fees before completing the purchase to avoid any surprises. Additionally, delivery times may also vary depending on the shipping option chosen. Stride Rite provides estimated delivery times, ensuring customers have a clear expectation of when their shoes will arrive.

Customs and Duties

One aspect to be aware of when ordering from Stride Rite for Canadian customers is the potential for customs charges and duties. As the products cross the border, they may be subject to additional fees imposed by Canadian customs. These charges are the responsibility of the customer and should be considered when placing an order. It is recommended to look into the potential customs fees beforehand to have a clear understanding of the total cost of the purchase.


In conclusion, Stride Rite does deliver to Canada, which is excellent news for Canadian parents who appreciate the quality and style the brand offers. With an expanded shipping service catering to international customers, Stride Rite has made it easier for Canadians to access their products directly from the brand’s website. While there might be additional shipping costs and potential customs charges, the convenience and reassurance of buying from Stride Rite make it a worthwhile option for parents in search of the perfect shoes for their little ones.

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