Does Super 7 Deliver to Canada?

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Super 7, a popular online retailer for toys and collectibles, has gained quite a following among collectors worldwide. However, for Canadian fans of Super 7, there has been some confusion and uncertainty regarding whether the company delivers to Canada. In this article, we aim to shed light on this topic and provide a definitive answer to the question: does Super 7 deliver to Canada?

The Allure of Super 7

Before delving into the details of Super 7’s delivery options in Canada, let us first explore the reasons why this company has garnered such a devoted fan base. Super 7 is renowned for its high-quality toys and collectibles, particularly in the realms of action figures and vinyl figures. Their products often pay homage to popular franchises, such as Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Masters of the Universe, among others. The attention to detail and nostalgic appeal of Super 7’s offerings have captivated collectors worldwide.

Shipping to Canada

Now, let us address the burning question: does Super 7 deliver to Canada? The answer is a resounding yes! Super 7 does indeed ship to Canada, bringing joy to fans across the country. Canadian collectors can now access Super 7’s impressive range of products without worrying about international shipping or exorbitant fees. This is especially great news for those passionate about niche collectibles that may not be readily available in physical stores in Canada.

Delivery Options and Costs

Super 7 offers several delivery options to cater to the diverse needs of its Canadian customers. The exact shipping methods and associated costs may vary depending on the specific location within Canada. Generally, Super 7 provides both standard and expedited shipping options to ensure flexibility and promptness in delivery. It is recommended to check the Super 7 website during the checkout process to obtain real-time information on available shipping options and their respective costs.

When it comes to shipping costs, it is important to note that they can vary based on factors such as the weight of the package, the delivery speed, and the destination within Canada. Super 7 strives to provide transparent and accurate information regarding shipping costs, enabling customers to make informed decisions before completing their purchase.

Customs and Import Charges

While Super 7 facilitates shipping to Canada, it is crucial for Canadian customers to be aware of potential customs and import charges that may apply. These charges are not included in the initial purchase price or the shipping cost. Customs and import charges are typically imposed by the Canadian government and are intended to cover duties, taxes, and processing fees for international shipments. The exact charges will depend on the value and nature of the imported items.

When ordering from Super 7, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with Canada’s customs regulations and policies to avoid any unexpected fees upon delivery. Keep in mind that these charges are beyond Super 7’s control, as they are mandated by the Canadian government.


In conclusion, Super 7 does indeed deliver to Canada, allowing Canadian collectors to enjoy their wide selection of toys and collectibles. By offering various shipping options, Super 7 ensures the convenience and satisfaction of its Canadian customers. However, it is important to be mindful of potential customs and import charges that may apply, as they are separate from the company’s shipping costs. So, if you are a Canadian collector eagerly awaiting your favorite Super 7 products, fret not! Super 7 has you covered, bringing nostalgia and joy to your doorstep.

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