Does Takealot Deliver to Zambia?

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Does Takealot Deliver to Zambia


Takealot is one of the leading online retail stores in South Africa, offering a wide variety of products ranging from electronics and household items to fashion and beauty products. Many people in Zambia are curious to know if they can also benefit from the convenience of shopping on Takealot and having their purchases delivered to their doorstep. In this article, we will explore whether Takealot delivers to Zambia and what the process entails.

Does Takealot deliver to Zambia?

Unfortunately, Takealot currently does not deliver directly to Zambia. Their delivery services are limited to South Africa, and they do not ship internationally. While this may come as a disappointment to those in Zambia who were hoping to access the wide range of products available on Takealot, it is important to note that there are alternative options available.

Alternative options for shopping online in Zambia

Even though Takealot does not deliver to Zambia, there are several other online retailers and marketplaces that cater to customers in Zambia. Some popular options include Jumia and Zambezi, both of which offer a wide range of products and deliver to various locations within Zambia. These platforms provide a convenient and secure way for Zambian residents to shop online and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep.

How does delivery work with Jumia and Zambezi?

Both Jumia and Zambezi have a simple and straightforward delivery process. Once a customer places an order, the items are shipped from the respective sellers to a local warehouse in Zambia. From there, the items are dispatched to the customer’s preferred delivery address. The delivery time can vary depending on the location and the product, but customers are usually provided with an estimated delivery date during the checkout process. Additionally, both Jumia and Zambezi offer various payment options, including cash on delivery, making it convenient for customers.

Benefits of shopping on Jumia and Zambezi

While Takealot may not be available in Zambia, there are several advantages to shopping on Jumia and Zambezi. Firstly, both platforms have a wide selection of products, ranging from fashion and electronics to home essentials and beauty products. This ensures that customers have access to a variety of options when shopping online. Secondly, Jumia and Zambezi provide a secure and reliable online shopping experience, with customer reviews and ratings available to help make informed purchasing decisions. Lastly, both platforms have established partnerships with local delivery companies, ensuring efficient and timely delivery to customers across Zambia.


While Takealot does not currently deliver to Zambia, there are alternative options for Zambian residents to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep. Platforms like Jumia and Zambezi provide a wide range of products, secure payment options, and reliable delivery services within Zambia. So, if you’re in Zambia and looking to shop online, rest assured that there are other reputable online retailers available to cater to your needs.

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