Does Tangle Teezer Deliver to Canada?

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Are you living in Canada and wondering if Tangle Teezer delivers to your location? Tangle Teezer is a well-known brand that specializes in hairbrushes and grooming products. With their innovative designs and superior quality, Tangle Teezer has gained popularity worldwide. In this article, we will delve into whether Tangle Teezer delivers to Canada and explore the options available for Canadian customers.

Does Tangle Teezer Deliver to Canada?

One of the most common questions asked by Canadian customers is whether Tangle Teezer offers delivery services to Canada. The good news is that, yes, Tangle Teezer does deliver to Canada. Whether you live in the busy streets of Toronto, the picturesque landscapes of Vancouver, or any other corner of the country, you can easily get your hands on a Tangle Teezer hairbrush.

Delivery Options

Tangle Teezer provides various delivery options to suit the needs of their Canadian customers. When placing an order on their website, you can choose from a range of delivery methods to ensure your package arrives at your preferred location in Canada.

Standard Delivery

Tangle Teezer offers standard delivery to Canada, which usually takes around 7-10 business days for your package to arrive. This is a cost-effective option for customers who are not in a hurry to receive their order. Standard delivery is a reliable and efficient method, ensuring that your Tangle Teezer products are delivered safely to your doorstep.

Express Delivery

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on their Tangle Teezer products, the brand also offers express delivery to Canada. With express delivery, you can receive your order within 2-4 business days. Although it may cost more than standard delivery, express shipping is a convenient option for customers who want their Tangle Teezer purchase delivered quickly.

Where to Buy Tangle Teezer in Canada

In addition to ordering directly from the Tangle Teezer website, there are several other options available for Canadian customers to purchase Tangle Teezer products. Many online retailers, such as Amazon and Sephora, offer a wide range of Tangle Teezer hairbrushes and grooming tools. These platforms often provide additional perks, such as discounted prices, bundle deals, and customer reviews, making it easier for you to find the perfect Tangle Teezer product for your hair care needs.


Living in Canada doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the quality hairbrushes and grooming products offered by Tangle Teezer. With their efficient delivery services, Canadian customers can enjoy the convenience of having their favorite Tangle Teezer items delivered right to their doorstep. Whether you opt for standard delivery or express shipping, you can rest assured that Tangle Teezer has got you covered. So go ahead, order your Tangle Teezer products today and experience the wonders they can do for your hair.

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