Does Target Deliver to Canada?

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When it comes to online shopping, the accessibility of international markets has opened up a plethora of options for consumers worldwide. However, while some popular retailers offer international shipping, others may only deliver within their home country. This has left many Canadians wondering: Does Target deliver to Canada? In this article, we will explore whether or not Target, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, offers delivery to our neighbors up north.

Target’s International Shipping Policies

Target is renowned for its wide range of products and competitive prices, making it a popular choice for consumers in the United States. However, despite its popularity, Target does not currently offer international shipping to Canada. This means that, unfortunately, Canadians cannot directly order products from Target’s official website and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Alternative Options for Canadians

While Target may not offer direct shipping to Canada, there are still ways for Canadians to get their hands on Target products. One option is to use third-party shipping services. These services allow Canadian customers to shop on the Target website and have their purchases shipped to a U.S. address provided by the third-party service. The service will then forward the package to the customer’s Canadian address. Though this method introduces an additional cost and requires some extra steps, it can provide Canadians with access to Target’s wide range of products.

Availability in Canadian Stores

Another option for Canadian Target enthusiasts is to visit one of the many Target stores located within Canada. Target expanded into Canada in 2013, opening multiple locations across the country. However, this expansion was short-lived, and Target eventually announced the closure of all its Canadian stores in 2015. Today, the Target brand in Canada is owned by Canadian retail company, the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). Under HBC’s ownership, select Canadian stores have been rebranded as “Target,” offering a curated selection of Target-exclusive products. While these stores may not carry the full range of products available on Target’s U.S. website, they do provide Canadians with access to some Target items without the hassle of international shipping.

Exploring Other Options

In addition to third-party shipping services and the rebranded Canadian Target stores, Canadians may also consider exploring other retailers that offer similar products to Target. Many Canadian stores, both brick and mortar and online, offer a wide selection of household items, electronics, clothing, and more, comparable to those found at Target. By exploring these alternatives, Canadians can find similar products without the need for international shipping or additional costs.


While Target may not currently offer direct delivery to Canada, Canadians still have options when it comes to accessing Target products. Third-party shipping services and the rebranded Canadian Target stores provide Canadian consumers with avenues to purchase Target items, albeit with some additional steps or limitations. Additionally, exploring other retailers that offer similar products can help Canadians find the items they desire without the hassle of international shipping. So, while Target may not deliver directly to Canada, the options available ensure that Canadian consumers can still enjoy the benefits of Target’s diverse product range and competitive pricing.

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