Does The Real Real Deliver to Mexico?

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The RealReal, an online luxury consignment store, has gained immense popularity among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With a vast collection of authenticated luxury items, this platform satisfies the desire of many to acquire high-quality designer pieces at more affordable prices. However, if you reside in Mexico, you may be wondering whether The RealReal delivers to your country. In this article, we will explore whether or not The RealReal caters to customers in Mexico and discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages for Mexican shoppers.

Does The RealReal Deliver to Mexico?

The answer is yes, The RealReal does offer delivery services to Mexico. This comes as exciting news for Mexican fashion enthusiasts who have long anticipated the opportunity to shop from this renowned platform. The RealReal has expanded its shipping services to several international destinations, and Mexico is among them.

Advantages of Shopping on The RealReal for Mexican Customers

The availability of The RealReal’s delivery service in Mexico opens up a world of possibilities for fashion lovers in the country. Here are some advantages that Mexican shoppers can enjoy:

Wide Selection: With The RealReal’s extensive inventory of luxury items, Mexican customers now have access to an unparalleled selection of designer clothing, accessories, and more. From coveted Chanel bags to iconic Hermès scarves, the options are endless.

Authenticity and Quality: One of the biggest concerns when shopping for luxury items online is the authenticity of the products. However, The RealReal is committed to authenticating every item sold on its platform. This ensures that Mexican customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are purchasing genuine luxury goods.

Competitive Pricing: The RealReal’s consignment model allows customers to find luxury items at prices significantly lower than retail. Mexican shoppers can take advantage of these competitive prices, making high-end fashion more accessible to a broader audience.

Convenient Shopping Experience: The RealReal’s user-friendly website and mobile application provide a seamless online shopping experience. Mexican customers can browse through various categories, apply filters, and make purchases with ease. The platform also offers detailed product descriptions and high-resolution images to help customers make informed decisions.

Disadvantages of Shopping on The RealReal for Mexican Customers

While the expansion of The RealReal’s delivery services to Mexico is exciting, it is important to consider potential drawbacks:

Shipping Costs and Customs Fees: Shipping items from the United States to Mexico can incur additional costs, including shipping fees and potential customs duties. Customers should be aware of these extra expenses and factor them into their budget when making a purchase.

Delivery Time: International shipping can sometimes result in longer delivery times compared to domestic orders. Mexican customers should be prepared for potential delays in receiving their purchases due to customs clearance processes and other variables.

Limited Availability: While The RealReal does deliver to Mexico, it is essential to note that not all items may be available for international shipping. Some sellers may choose to exclude certain products from international delivery or only ship within specific regions. Mexican customers might encounter limitations in terms of available inventory.


The RealReal’s decision to offer delivery services to Mexico presents an exciting opportunity for fashion enthusiasts in the country. With a wide range of luxury items, guaranteed authenticity, competitive pricing, and a convenient shopping experience, Mexican customers now have access to a world-class online consignment store. Although potential drawbacks, such as shipping costs, longer delivery times, and limited product availability exist, the advantages outweigh these concerns for many Mexican shoppers. So, if you’re in Mexico and on the hunt for high-quality luxury fashion, you can confidently turn to The RealReal for all your style needs.

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