Does Thredup Deliver to Israel?

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Thredup has become an increasingly popular online platform for purchasing second-hand clothing. With its wide selection and affordable prices, many fashion enthusiasts across the globe have embraced this unique shopping experience. However, for those residing in Israel, a common question arises: Does Thredup deliver to Israel? In this article, we will explore the options available for Thredup shoppers in Israel and provide insights into the delivery process.

Shipping to Israel

Although Thredup does offer international shipping, unfortunately, it does not currently deliver to Israel. This means that customers in Israel are unable to order directly from Thredup’s website and have their purchases shipped to their doorstep. While this may come as a disappointment to those eager to dive into Thredup’s treasure trove of pre-loved clothing, there are alternative solutions that can still allow Israeli shoppers to access the platform’s unique offerings.

Using Third-Party Shipping Services

A viable option for Israeli shoppers is to utilize third-party shipping services. These services act as intermediaries between the original seller and the customer, allowing goods to be shipped to their local warehouses and then forwarded to the customer’s desired location, in this case, Israel. By signing up with a reliable third-party shipping service, Israeli shoppers can overcome Thredup’s shipping limitations and enjoy the convenience of receiving their purchases right at their doorstep.

Researching and Choosing a Reliable Third-Party Shipping Service

Before selecting a third-party shipping service, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. Look for reputable companies with positive customer reviews and a solid track record in the industry. Pay attention to their shipping policies, rates, and customer service quality. It is worth considering the service’s various additional features, such as package consolidation or insurance options, to ensure a smooth and secure delivery process.

Placing an Order with Thredup

Once a reliable third-party shipping service has been identified, placing an order with Thredup usually follows the same procedure as any other international order. Simply select the desired items from Thredup’s website, add them to the cart, and proceed to checkout. At this stage, instead of providing an Israeli shipping address, use the address provided by the third-party shipping service. It is crucial to double-check the provided address to avoid any delivery mishaps or delays.

Shipping Costs and Taxes

Although using a third-party shipping service for purchasing from Thredup opens up the possibility of international delivery to Israel, it is essential to consider the additional costs involved. Apart from the initial shipping fee charged by Thredup, the third-party service will also charge its own fees, including handling, consolidation, and international shipping fees. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the possibility of customs duties and taxes upon the arrival of the package in Israel. These fees are typically determined by the Israeli customs authorities and should be factored into the overall cost of the purchase.


In conclusion, Thredup does not currently offer direct delivery to Israel, but there are viable alternatives for Israeli shoppers who wish to access the platform’s unique selection of second-hand clothing. By utilizing a reliable third-party shipping service, Israeli customers can enjoy the convenience of international shipping, expanding their options when it comes to purchasing from Thredup. However, it is crucial to consider the additional costs and potential customs duties involved, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. So, while Thredup may not directly deliver to Israel, with the right approach, fashion-savvy individuals in Israel can still partake in the joy of exploring Thredup’s extensive collection.

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