Does Thredup Deliver to Singapore?

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Thredup, one of the largest online consignment stores, offers a wide selection of secondhand clothing and accessories for affordable prices. With its convenient shopping experience, many people wonder if Thredup delivers to Singapore. In this article, we will explore whether or not Thredup delivers to Singapore, and what potential customers in the region can expect when using this popular platform.

Thredup’s Delivery Options

When it comes to international shipping, Thredup primarily focuses on delivering within the United States. However, they do offer limited international shipping to select countries, and Singapore happens to be one of them. While Thredup’s international delivery options are not as extensive as their domestic ones, the fact that Singapore is included is great news for fashion-conscious individuals looking for budget-friendly options.

Shipping Times and Costs

Although Thredup does offer delivery to Singapore, it is important to consider the potential shipping times and costs. Due to the longer distance and potential customs procedures, international shipping can take significantly longer than domestic delivery. Typically, Thredup estimates that international orders can take anywhere from 10 to 18 business days to reach their destinations.

As for shipping costs, Thredup adopts a flat rate system. For orders shipped to Singapore, a fixed fee of $35 is applied. This flat rate may seem high, especially for smaller orders, but it is still worth considering if you are looking for unique pieces or designer brands at affordable prices.

Import Duties and Taxes

It’s important to note that when ordering from Thredup to Singapore, customers may be subject to additional import duties and taxes. These charges are determined by Singapore’s customs regulations and can vary depending on the value of the items purchased. It is recommended to check with the local customs authorities to have a clear understanding of the potential charges before placing an order.

Customer Feedback

To provide a comprehensive overview, it is worth mentioning feedback from customers who have previously ordered from Thredup to Singapore. Many customers have reported positive experiences, noting that the items arrived in good condition and were as described on the website. However, a small number of customers have also mentioned longer-than-expected delivery times and issues with customs clearance. While these instances may not be common, it is essential to be aware of potential challenges when ordering internationally.

Alternatives to Thredup

If Thredup does not fulfill your needs for secondhand fashion in Singapore, there are other online platforms you can explore. For instance, local options like Refash and Style Tribute offer pre-loved fashion items, including both high street and designer brands. These platforms are specifically tailored to the Singaporean market and may provide a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.


In conclusion, while Thredup does offer delivery to Singapore, it is important to consider the potential shipping times, costs, import duties, and taxes. Despite these potential hurdles, Thredup remains a viable option for those in Singapore seeking affordable and eco-friendly fashion. If international shopping is not for you, exploring local options such as Refash and Style Tribute might be a better choice. At the end of the day, the decision ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities when it comes to shopping for secondhand clothing and accessories.

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