Does Trinny London Deliver to Canada?

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Trinny London, a popular cosmetics brand known for its innovative approach to makeup, has gained a significant following worldwide. As people in different countries eagerly explore the brand’s range of products, many Canadians wonder if Trinny London delivers to their great nation. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Trinny London offers shipping services to Canada and shed some light on the availability of these sought-after beauty products north of the border.

Trinny London’s International Shipping

Trinny London recognizes the global demand for their remarkable beauty products and has expanded its reach beyond their UK headquarters. To cater to enthusiastic makeup enthusiasts in various corners of the world, the company now offers international shipping to several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. However, when it comes to Canada, the availability of Trinny London’s delivery services might leave some Canadians curious.

Delivering to Canada

Regrettably, as of now, Trinny London does not directly deliver to Canada. Canadian customers eager to get their hands on Trinny London’s highly-praised products do not have the convenience of ordering directly from the brand’s official website. Thus, they might need to explore alternative ways to procure these makeup products.

Alternative Options

While Trinny London may not currently have a localized website or shipping services dedicated to Canadian customers, there are still options to consider. One alternative is to leverage parcel forwarding services, also known as package forwarders. Through these services, Canadian customers can sign up for a unique shipping address in countries where Trinny London does deliver, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Once the package reaches the forwarding address, it can then be shipped to Canada, allowing the customer to receive their desired Trinny London products. However, it is important to note that additional fees, including forwarding and shipping charges, will likely be incurred.

Benefits of Package Forwarding

Despite the extra steps involved, utilizing a package forwarding service to receive Trinny London products in Canada has several benefits. Firstly, it allows Canadian customers to access a wider range of beauty products that may not be readily available in their local market. By taking advantage of package forwarding, makeup enthusiasts can enjoy the same diverse product selection as customers in countries where Trinny London delivers directly.

Moreover, package forwarding services usually provide flexibility in terms of shipping options and carriers. Customers can decide the most suitable and cost-effective shipping methods, ensuring their Trinny London products arrive in Canada safely and efficiently.


While Trinny London does not currently deliver directly to Canada, Canadian makeup lovers need not despair. By using a package forwarding service, they can still indulge in the remarkable beauty products offered by Trinny London. Although this method may involve additional fees and a few extra steps, it opens up a world of possibilities, allowing Canadian customers to enhance their beauty routines with Trinny London’s well-regarded cosmetics. As Trinny London continues to expand its reach globally, it is entirely possible that Canadian delivery services may become available in the future. Until then, Canadians can take advantage of package forwarding services to enjoy the highly sought-after Trinny London products right at their doorsteps.

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