Does Typology Deliver to Canada?

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Does Typology Deliver to Canada

Typology, the French skincare brand known for its clean and minimalist approach to beauty, has gained popularity among skincare enthusiasts around the world. With its focus on natural and effective ingredients, many Canadians are eager to try out the brand for themselves. However, before placing an order, it’s important to know if Typology delivers to Canada, and what the process entails.

International Shipping and Delivery

Typology recognizes the global demand for its products and has established international shipping options to cater to customers outside of France. The good news for Canadian customers is that Typology does indeed deliver to Canada. Whether you’re located in Toronto, Vancouver, or any other city across the country, you can enjoy the benefits of Typology’s skincare products.

Delivery Time and Fees

When it comes to delivery time, Typology aims to ensure that international customers receive their orders within a reasonable timeframe. However, it’s important to note that delivery durations may vary based on the specific location within Canada. Typically, customers can expect their packages to arrive within 5 to 10 business days.

As for delivery fees, Typology offers free shipping on all orders over a certain amount. This threshold may vary based on current promotions or any ongoing discounts. It’s always best to check the Typology website for the most up-to-date information on delivery fees and requirements for free shipping.

Customs and Duties

One aspect that customers need to consider when ordering from Typology is the potential customs and duties that may apply. As Typology is based in France, any orders shipped to Canada are subject to potential customs fees. These fees are determined by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and are charged to the customer upon delivery.

To ensure a smooth experience, it’s recommended to be aware of the potential customs fees that may apply before placing an order. These fees can vary depending on the total value of the order and any applicable taxes. It’s advisable to consult the CBSA website or contact local customs authorities for more information on the specific fees and regulations.

Returns and Exchanges

If you’re not satisfied with your Typology purchase, they offer a return and exchange policy. Canadian customers can return their products within 30 days of delivery, provided that the items are in their original packaging and unused. However, it’s important to keep in mind that return shipping costs may apply.

To initiate a return or exchange, customers can contact Typology’s customer service team, who will guide them through the process. It’s always advisable to review the return policy on the Typology website for more detailed information and any specific requirements.


Typology’s commitment to delivering high-quality skincare products extends to customers in Canada. With international shipping options and a reasonable delivery timeframe, Canadian customers can now experience the brand’s clean and minimalist approach to beauty. However, it’s important to be aware of potential customs fees and to familiarize yourself with the return and exchange policy to ensure a smooth shopping experience. So, if you’re ready to enhance your skincare routine with Typology, go ahead and place your order knowing that Typology does deliver to Canada.

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