Does Uline Deliver to Canada?

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Uline, one of the largest shipping supply companies in North America, provides a wide range of packaging materials and shipping products to businesses across the United States. However, if you’re a Canadian business owner or consumer, you might be wondering whether Uline offers delivery services to Canada. In this article, we will explore whether Uline delivers to Canada and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision for your shipping needs.

Does Uline Deliver to Canada?

Unfortunate, Uline does not currently offer direct delivery services to customers in Canada. While this may be disappointing news for Canadian businesses and consumers, there are still alternative options available to fulfill your shipping needs.

Alternative Options for Shipping to Canada

Although Uline itself doesn’t deliver to Canada, they do offer a solution for customers looking to ship across the border. Uline provides a convenient service called “cross-border shipping.” This service allows customers to have their orders shipped to a U.S. address near the Canadian border, where they can then arrange for their packages to be forwarded into Canada. This option is particularly useful for businesses located close to the border or those who frequently ship large quantities of goods.

If you are unable to take advantage of Uline’s cross-border shipping service, there are several other online retailers and shipping companies that do deliver directly to Canada. Some popular alternatives include Amazon, Staples, and UPS. These companies offer a wide range of shipping supplies and competitive delivery options tailored specifically for Canadian customers.

Considerations for Shipping to Canada

When choosing an alternative option for shipping to Canada, there are a few important factors to consider. First, it’s crucial to compare prices and delivery times to ensure you are getting a reasonable deal. Some companies may charge higher shipping fees or have longer estimated delivery times, so it’s essential to shop around before making a final decision.

Additionally, you should carefully review each company’s shipping policies and restrictions. Certain items, such as hazardous materials or highly regulated products, may be restricted or require additional paperwork when shipping to Canada. Make sure that the company you choose understands and complies with all relevant regulations to avoid any delays or potential issues.


While Uline does not currently deliver directly to Canada, they do offer a cross-border shipping service for customers near the U.S.-Canada border. Additionally, there are several other online retailers and shipping companies that provide direct delivery to Canada. When choosing an alternative option, it’s important to consider factors such as prices, delivery times, and shipping policies to ensure the best fit for your shipping needs.

Whether you opt for Uline’s cross-border service or choose another shipping provider, rest assured that there are numerous options available to ensure your packages reach their Canadian destination efficiently and securely. By exploring these alternatives and considering your specific requirements, you can confidently navigate the shipping process and continue to meet the needs of your Canadian customers or personal shipping requirements with ease.

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