Does Ulta Deliver to Finland?

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With the increasing popularity of online shopping, consumers from around the world are eager to know if their favorite brands deliver to their country. In particular, makeup enthusiasts in Finland are curious to find out if Ulta, a prominent beauty retailer in the United States, offers delivery to their country. In this article, we will explore whether Ulta delivers to Finland and provide a comprehensive answer to this burning question.

Does Ulta Deliver to Finland?

Unfortunately for Finnish beauty lovers, Ulta currently does not offer direct international delivery to Finland. This means that customers based in Finland cannot place an order on the Ulta website and have it shipped to their doorstep. This may be disappointing news for those who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Ulta’s wide range of products and brands.

Alternatives for Finnish Customers

While Ulta may not currently deliver to Finland, this does not mean that Finnish customers are completely deprived of the opportunity to enjoy their favorite beauty products. There are a few alternative options available for those residing in Finland who are eager to explore exciting brands and high-quality products.

One option is to consider using a package forwarding service. These services allow customers to have their purchases shipped to a local address in the United States before forwarding them to their international destination. This means that Finnish beauty enthusiasts could potentially have their Ulta orders sent to a US address affiliated with the package forwarding service, which will then ship the products to Finland. However, it is important to note that this method may incur additional shipping costs and potentially cause delays in receiving the products.

Another alternative is to explore local Finnish retailers that may carry some of the brands and products available at Ulta. Despite not having direct access to Ulta’s extensive catalog, Finnish customers can still find a variety of makeup and skincare options by searching for local beauty stores or online retailers that offer similar products. Additionally, some international e-commerce platforms may ship to Finland and offer a selection of brands commonly found at Ulta, providing Finnish customers with more accessible options.

Future Possibilities

While there is currently no direct delivery service from Ulta to Finland, it is worth noting that the global e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving. As online shopping continues to expand, it is not uncommon for retailers to expand their international delivery options in order to cater to a larger customer base. This means that there is a possibility that Ulta may consider extending their shipping services to Finland in the future. Beauty lovers in Finland can remain hopeful that their favorite products will become more readily available in their country as the demand for international shopping grows.


In conclusion, Ulta does not currently offer delivery to Finland. However, Finnish customers still have alternative options to explore in order to satisfy their makeup and skincare cravings. Whether it’s utilizing a package forwarding service or discovering local retailers that carry similar brands, there are opportunities to access a wide range of beauty products. Furthermore, as the global e-commerce landscape evolves, there is always the possibility that Ulta may expand their shipping services to include Finland in the future. Until then, Finnish beauty enthusiasts can explore and support the local beauty market, while keeping an eye out for potential opportunities to indulge in Ulta’s offerings.

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