Does Ulta Deliver to Malaysia?

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Online shopping has become incredibly convenient in recent years, allowing customers to access a wide range of products from the comfort of their own homes. Ulta Beauty, a popular cosmetics retailer, has gained recognition for its extensive selection of beauty products. However, for those residing in Malaysia, the question arises: Does Ulta deliver to Malaysia? In this article, we will delve into this query and provide all the necessary information for Malaysians interested in shopping from Ulta.

Can Malaysians Order from Ulta?

Unfortunately, at present, Ulta Beauty does not offer direct shipping to Malaysia. This means that Malaysian customers will not be able to place orders on the Ulta website and have them delivered to their doorstep. While this might be disappointing news for Malaysian beauty enthusiasts, there is still hope for those eager to get their hands on Ulta products.

Alternative Methods to Purchase Ulta Products in Malaysia

Although Ulta does not directly ship to Malaysia, there are alternative methods for Malaysians to purchase Ulta products. One such method is utilizing international shipping services. Various shipping services, such as Borderlinx and Shipito, offer their assistance to customers who wish to shop from retailers that do not deliver to their country. These services provide customers with a US mailing address, which they can use when placing their online orders. Once the package arrives at the US address, the shipping service will forward it to Malaysia, allowing customers to receive their ordered products.

Considerations When Using International Shipping Services

Before using international shipping services to purchase Ulta products, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, using these services may incur additional costs. Customers will need to pay for the international shipping fees as well as any customs duties or taxes imposed by the Malaysian government. It is essential to factor these additional expenses into the overall budget for purchasing Ulta products.

Benefits of Using International Shipping Services

While using international shipping services may come with additional costs, there are several benefits to consider as well. Firstly, customers gain access to a broader range of products that may not be available locally. Ulta’s extensive beauty product assortment is a significant draw for many customers, and using international shipping services allows Malaysians to explore and purchase products that may not be found in local stores. Additionally, utilizing international shipping services allows customers to shop from multiple US-based retailers and have their purchases consolidated into one shipment, reducing shipping fees and making the process more cost-effective.


In conclusion, Ulta Beauty does not currently offer direct shipping to Malaysia. However, Malaysians still have options for purchasing Ulta products. International shipping services provide a solution by offering a US mailing address for customers to use when shopping online. Although using these services may entail additional costs, the benefits of accessing a wider range of products and the convenience of consolidated shipments make it a viable option for Malaysian beauty enthusiasts. So, while Ulta may not deliver to Malaysia directly, Malaysians can still indulge in the world of Ulta with the help of international shipping services.

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