Does Value City Furniture Deliver to Canada?

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Value City Furniture is a popular choice for many individuals seeking quality and affordable furniture options. As a Canadian resident, you may wonder if this reputable furniture retailer delivers to Canada. In this article, we will explore whether Value City Furniture offers delivery services to customers in Canada.

Does Value City Furniture deliver to Canada?

Value City Furniture is primarily based in the United States, with stores located mainly in the eastern and midwestern regions. Unfortunately, at present, Value City Furniture does not offer direct delivery to Canada.

Alternatives for Canadian customers

While Value City Furniture may not deliver directly to Canada, there are several alternatives for Canadian customers who are interested in purchasing furniture from this popular retailer. One option is to use a freight forwarding service that specializes in cross-border shipping. These services provide you with a US mailing address, allowing you to receive your purchases in the United States. Once your items have reached your mailing address, the service will then forward them to your Canadian address. This requires additional steps and may incur extra costs, so it is important to consider these factors before proceeding with this option.

Another alternative for Canadian customers is to take advantage of Value City Furniture’s in-store pickup option. If you are located near a Value City Furniture store on the US side of the border, you can choose to make your purchase online and then arrange to pick it up yourself. This option may require traveling to the United States, but it allows you to bypass the complexities of cross-border shipping.

Benefits of shopping locally

While Value City Furniture may not deliver directly to Canada, it is worth exploring local Canadian furniture retailers. By shopping locally, you can not only support Canadian businesses, but you may also find furniture options that better cater to the Canadian market. Local retailers often have a better understanding of local tastes and preferences, as well as the logistics of delivering furniture within the country. This can potentially lead to faster and more reliable delivery service, ensuring a smoother purchasing experience.


In conclusion, Value City Furniture does not currently deliver directly to Canada. Canadian customers who wish to purchase furniture from this retailer have options, such as utilizing freight forwarding services or taking advantage of in-store pickup if located near a US store. However, it is also worth considering the benefits of shopping locally, as Canadian furniture retailers may provide more tailored options and faster delivery service within the country. Ultimately, the choice between purchasing from Value City Furniture or a local retailer comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances.

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