Does Vera Bradley Deliver to Canada?

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Does Vera Bradley Deliver to Canada

Vera Bradley is a popular American company known for its stylish and colorful handbags, luggage, and accessories. For those Canadian shoppers who are attracted to Vera Bradley’s unique designs, a common question arises: Does Vera Bradley deliver to Canada? In this article, we will explore the shipping policies of Vera Bradley and discover whether they offer delivery services to their northern neighbors.

Shipping Policies

Vera Bradley understands the need for a seamless shopping experience for its customers, regardless of their location. When it comes to shipping, Vera Bradley offers several options to cater to their diverse customer base. However, it is important to note that their delivery policies may vary when it comes to international orders, such as deliveries to Canada.

Shipping to Canada: Is it possible?

Unfortunately, Vera Bradley does not offer direct shipping to Canada through their website. This means that Canadian customers cannot place an order online and have it shipped directly to their address in Canada. While this may be disappointing for eager buyers, there are alternative ways to get your hands on Vera Bradley products if you live in Canada.

How to Get Vera Bradley Products in Canada

If you are determined to purchase Vera Bradley products despite the lack of direct shipping, there are a few options available to you. The first option is to consider utilizing the services of a third-party shipping company. These companies, often referred to as package forwarding services, offer a solution for international customers by providing them with a US address. Once the order is received at this US address, the forwarding company will then ship it to your Canadian address. This method, although slightly more complicated, allows Canadian customers to get their hands on Vera Bradley products that might otherwise be unobtainable.

Another option for Canadian customers is to visit one of Vera Bradley’s authorized retailers in Canada. Vera Bradley products are available through a network of retailers situated across Canada, including department stores, specialty shops, and online outlets. By visiting the Vera Bradley website, customers can use the “Find a Retailer” feature to locate authorized sellers in their vicinity. Although this may require some additional effort, it gives Canadian customers the opportunity to explore and purchase the latest Vera Bradley collections.


In conclusion, while Vera Bradley does not currently offer direct shipping to Canada through their website, there are still ways for Canadian customers to purchase their products. By utilizing third-party shipping services or visiting authorized retailers in Canada, Canadians can still enjoy the vibrant and stylish designs that Vera Bradley is known for. So, although it may require a bit more effort, it is indeed possible for Canadian customers to get their hands on Vera Bradley products without crossing any borders.

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