Does Victoria Secret Deliver to Belgium?

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Online shopping has opened up a world of possibilities for consumers, providing access to products from all over the globe. However, not all online retailers offer international shipping, leaving potential customers disappointed. As one of the most renowned lingerie brands worldwide, many people wonder if Victoria’s Secret delivers to Belgium. In this article, we will explore the shipping options and policies of Victoria’s Secret and provide an informed answer to this question.

Shipping Policy and Options

When it comes to shipping, Victoria’s Secret is committed to satisfying customers around the world. As a result, they do offer international shipping, and Belgium is among the countries they deliver to. This means that Belgian customers can indulge in the vast selection of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, swimwear, fragrances, and more, without any shipping barriers.

Shipping Times and Costs

While Victoria’s Secret caters to customers worldwide, it’s essential to note that shipping times and costs can vary depending on the destination. Generally, international orders are estimated to arrive within 10-20 business days. However, these estimates may be subject to customs and delivery delays. It is recommended to check the estimated delivery time during the checkout process to get a more accurate idea.

As for shipping costs, Victoria’s Secret often calculates them based on the total value of the order. For Belgium, shipping fees typically start at a reasonable rate, depending on the weight and dimensions of the package. It is crucial to be aware that there may be additional charges and taxes imposed by Belgian customs authorities upon the arrival of the package.

Customs and Import Duties

Belgium, like many other countries, has its own customs regulations and import duties. When shopping internationally, it is essential to understand these regulations to avoid any unexpected costs or issues. As a customer in Belgium, you may be subject to customs duties and import taxes when your order exceeds a certain value.

Victoria’s Secret follows the general practice of marking packages with the contents and their corresponding value. This transparency is essential for customs authorities to determine the appropriate duties and taxes. It is crucial to consider these potential additional costs when placing an order from Victoria’s Secret to Belgium.

Order Tracking and Returns

To provide a satisfactory shopping experience, Victoria’s Secret offers tracking information so customers can monitor the progress of their order until it arrives at their doorstep. This feature allows customers in Belgium to stay updated and have a better idea of when to expect their package.

In case of any product-related concerns or issues, Victoria’s Secret also has a hassle-free return policy. However, it is worth noting that international returns may be subject to certain limitations or additional return shipping fees. It is always recommended to familiarize yourself with the specific return policy for international orders when shopping at Victoria’s Secret.


If you’re a lingerie enthusiast residing in Belgium, you’ll be glad to know that Victoria’s Secret does deliver to your country. Despite potential customs and import duties, Belgium is among the destinations where Victoria’s Secret offers their famous and fashionable products. With the convenience of online shopping and international shipping, customers in Belgium can embrace their inner beauty and express themselves through the extensive collection of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and more. So go ahead and explore the world of Victoria’s Secret, as it’s just a click away!

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