Does Victoria Secret Deliver to Israel?

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When it comes to lingerie, Victoria’s Secret is a name that instantly comes to mind. Known for their stylish designs, excellent quality, and luxurious shopping experience, Victoria’s Secret has become a global brand with a massive following. However, for lingerie enthusiasts in Israel, a common query arises: Does Victoria’s Secret deliver to Israel? In this article, we will explore whether Victoria’s Secret has expanded its delivery services to Israel, giving women in the country access to their sought-after collection.

Victoria’s Secret and International Delivery

Victoria’s Secret is undoubtedly a dominant player in the lingerie industry, with a vast customer base worldwide. Over the years, the brand has successfully expanded its reach beyond its American roots and has established a presence in several countries. However, despite this global expansion, it is important to note that Victoria’s Secret’s delivery services may vary depending on the region.

Delivery to Israel

Unfortunately, at present, Victoria’s Secret does not offer direct delivery to Israel. This means that customers residing in Israel cannot order items directly from Victoria’s Secret’s official website or any physical store located within the country. This limitation can be disappointing for many lingerie enthusiasts in Israel who wish to access Victoria’s Secret’s diverse range of products.

Alternative Options

While Victoria’s Secret itself does not deliver to Israel, there are alternative options available for Israeli customers who want to experience the brand’s merchandise. One possible approach is to use international shipping companies that provide forwarding services. These companies act as intermediaries, enabling customers to purchase items from retailers that do not directly ship to their country. By registering with an international shipping company, Israeli customers can create a personalized US address to which Victoria’s Secret can ship their orders. Once the package arrives at the US address, the shipping company then forwards it to the customer’s actual address in Israel.

Another option is to explore third-party sellers and resellers. These are local or online retailers who import Victoria’s Secret products into Israel and make them available for purchase within the country. While this may involve higher prices due to import costs and additional fees, it provides a more convenient alternative for customers who wish to avoid the complexities of international shipping.


While Victoria’s Secret may not currently deliver directly to Israel, there are still options available for those who desire access to the brand’s products. By utilizing international shipping companies or exploring local retailers who import Victoria’s Secret merchandise, customers in Israel can still enjoy the stylish designs and high-quality lingerie that Victoria’s Secret is renowned for.

As Victoria’s Secret continues to expand its global presence, it’s possible that direct delivery to Israel may be offered in the future. Until then, exploring alternative routes proves to be a viable solution for customers in search of that sought-after Victoria’s Secret experience. Whether it’s through international shipping or local resellers, lingerie enthusiasts in Israel can still indulge in the allure of Victoria’s Secret’s collection.

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