Does Vinted Deliver to Singapore?

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For fashion lovers and budget-savvy shoppers, online marketplaces such as Vinted have become go-to platforms to buy and sell pre-loved clothing. However, one common concern for international shoppers is whether they can have their Vinted purchases delivered to their location. In this article, we will explore whether Vinted delivers to Singapore, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your online shopping experience.

Does Vinted Deliver to Singapore?

If you’re based in Singapore and wondering whether Vinted delivers to your country, the answer is both yes and no. While Vinted does allow users from Singapore to buy items listed by sellers from around the world, the platform does not currently offer direct shipping to Singapore.

How to Get Vinted Items Delivered to Singapore

Although direct shipping from Vinted to Singapore is not available, there are alternative ways to get your purchased items delivered to your doorstep. One popular method is to use a third-party package forwarding service. These services provide you with a local address in countries where Vinted does ship and then forward the package to your Singapore address.

Recommended Package Forwarding Services

When it comes to package forwarding services, several reputable options are available to Singapore-based Vinted shoppers. One of the most popular services is MyUS, which allows you to create a virtual U.S. address and have your Vinted purchases shipped there. They will then consolidate your items and ship them to your Singapore address, saving you on international shipping costs.

Another reliable option is comGateway, which provides you with a U.S. address and offers a hassle-free forwarding service. They offer competitive rates, insurance for your shipments, and even package consolidation to help you save on shipping fees.

What to Consider When Using Package Forwarding Services

While package forwarding services can be a convenient solution for getting your Vinted items delivered to Singapore, it’s essential to consider a few factors before proceeding. Firstly, you’ll need to be aware of additional costs associated with international shipping, including customs duties, taxes, and handling fees. It’s advisable to check the import regulations and fees in Singapore to avoid any surprises.

Moreover, package forwarding services typically charge fees for their services, including receiving, repackaging, consolidating, and shipping. Take these fees into account when calculating the total cost of your purchases.

Vinted’s Shipping Policies and Options

While Vinted doesn’t directly ship to Singapore, it’s crucial to understand their shipping policies and options when making a purchase. Sellers on Vinted are responsible for setting their shipping preferences and costs, so it’s essential to review each listing’s shipping details before buying.

Many sellers on Vinted offer worldwide shipping, including to Singapore. Others may only provide shipping options within specific regions or countries. Be sure to communicate with the seller before making a purchase to ensure they are willing to ship to Singapore and discuss any potential additional costs for international shipping.


In summary, while Vinted does not currently offer direct shipping to Singapore, there are alternative ways to get your purchased items delivered to your door. Using reputable package forwarding services can provide you with a convenient solution, allowing you to shop from sellers worldwide. However, it’s essential to consider additional costs and regulations when using these services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience.

Our Recommended Shipping Forwarder: MyUS will forward your packages to any city in Singapore, including cities such as: Central Singapore.