Does Walgreens Deliver to Canada?

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Walgreens is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. With the convenience of online shopping on the rise, many Canadian residents wonder if they can avail themselves of Walgreens’ offerings. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Walgreens delivers to Canada, providing you with all the information you need to know.

Does Walgreens Deliver to Canada?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not currently offer direct shipping to Canada. Their online delivery services are limited to addresses within the United States. This restriction can be disappointing for Canadian residents who may be interested in purchasing certain products unique to Walgreens or taking advantage of the competitive pricing and deals offered by the company.

Alternatives for Canadians

Although Walgreens does not provide delivery services to Canada, that doesn’t mean Canadian residents are completely out of luck. Several alternatives are available that allow Canadians to access Walgreens’ products.

Third-Party Shipping Services

One option Canadians can explore is using third-party shipping services. These services act as intermediaries, providing you with a U.S. address that you can use for your Walgreens purchases. Once your order is delivered to this address, the third-party shipping service will forward it to your Canadian address. It is important to note that additional fees, including shipping, customs duties, and taxes, may apply when using third-party shipping services. However, this option can be a viable solution for Canadians who are determined to purchase products from Walgreens.

Local Pharmacy Chains in Canada

In addition to third-party shipping services, Canadian residents have the option to explore local pharmacy chains in their area. While Walgreens may not have a physical presence in Canada, pharmacy chains like Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall offer a wide range of products similar to what you might find at Walgreens. They also provide delivery services, allowing Canadians to conveniently access the products they need without the hassle of international shipping.

Considerations for Canadian Customers

It is crucial for Canadian customers to carefully consider several factors when exploring alternatives to Walgreens. One of the key aspects is the availability of specific products. While local pharmacy chains in Canada do provide a variety of products, there might be certain items exclusive to Walgreens that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Consider whether these products are essential or if suitable alternatives can be found within Canada.

Another important factor is pricing. Walgreens is known for its competitive prices and frequent deals. When purchasing through alternative sources, including local pharmacy chains or third-party shipping services, it is essential to compare prices and factor in any additional costs, such as shipping fees and customs duties. This will help ensure that Canadian customers get the best value for their money without any surprises.


While Walgreens does not directly deliver to Canada, Canadian residents have options to access Walgreens’ products and services. Third-party shipping services offer a way for Canadians to receive their Walgreens orders, though additional fees may apply. Additionally, local pharmacy chains in Canada provide similar products and delivery services, allowing Canadians to conveniently access their healthcare and wellness needs. Before making any purchases, Canadian customers should carefully consider product availability and pricing to make informed choices. Although access to Walgreens may require a bit of extra effort, it is reassuring to know that alternatives exist for those north of the border.

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