Does Walmart America Deliver to Canada?

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Does Walmart America Deliver to Canada


In a globalized world, where shopping can be done with a few clicks and delivered to your doorstep, it is natural for consumers in Canada to wonder if they can take advantage of the wide range of products available in Walmart America. With its deep-rooted presence in the United States, Walmart is a retail giant that offers a variety of products, from groceries to electronics. This article aims to explore whether Walmart America delivers to Canada.

Understanding Walmart’s Shipping Policy

To determine if Walmart America delivers to Canada, it is crucial to examine the company’s shipping policy. Walmart’s policy states that they do not offer international shipping, with a few exceptions. While they do provide shipping to select countries, unfortunately, Canada is not one of them. Therefore, as of now, Walmart America does not deliver directly to Canada.

Potential Workarounds

While Walmart America does not offer direct shipping to Canada, there are several potential workarounds that Canadian shoppers can consider to access Walmart’s products. One option is to use a package forwarding service. These services provide a U.S. address for Canadian shoppers to use during their online purchases. Once the package is delivered to the U.S. address, the forwarding service will then ship it to Canada. However, it is important to remember that additional fees and tariffs may apply when using a package forwarding service, making the overall cost higher.

Another workaround is to explore third-party marketplaces. There are online marketplaces that act as intermediaries between American retailers, such as Walmart, and international buyers, including those in Canada. These marketplaces provide a platform for Canadians to purchase products from Walmart America and other U.S. retailers, even if direct shipping is not available. However, it is essential for Canadian shoppers to carefully review the terms and conditions of these marketplaces, as well as the sellers, to ensure a secure and reliable purchasing experience.

Benefits of Shopping at Walmart Canada

Although Walmart America may not directly deliver to Canada, it is worth noting that Walmart has a substantial presence in Canada with numerous physical stores across the country. Walmart Canada offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of Canadian consumers, making it a convenient and accessible option. From groceries to household items, electronics, and clothing, Walmart Canada provides a one-stop-shop experience for Canadian shoppers.

Additionally, Walmart Canada has its own online shopping platform that offers a vast array of products available for delivery within Canada. This platform provides Canadian shoppers with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery, without the hassle of international shipping or using a forwarding service. Customers can browse through various categories, read product reviews, and take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts specifically tailored for the Canadian market.


While Walmart America does not offer direct shipping to Canada, there are still ways for Canadian consumers to access the wide variety of products available at Walmart. By exploring options such as package forwarding services or third-party marketplaces, Canadians can take advantage of Walmart’s product offerings. Additionally, with its extensive presence in Canada, Walmart Canada provides a convenient and accessible alternative for shoppers north of the border. Whether it is in-store or online, Walmart Canada aims to meet the needs and preferences of its Canadian customers. So while Walmart America may not deliver to Canada, Canadians can still enjoy the benefits of the retail giant through alternative methods.

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