Does Walmart Deliver to Germany?

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In today’s globalized world, online shopping has become increasingly popular, providing consumers with access to a wide range of products from all around the world. However, many shoppers in Germany may wonder if they can rely on a well-known retailer like Walmart for their shopping needs. This article aims to explore whether Walmart delivers to Germany, discussing the convenience, availability, and potential limitations of online shopping with Walmart in this European country.

Does Walmart Deliver to Germany?

When it comes to online shopping, Walmart has made significant strides in expanding its reach beyond the United States. While Walmart does offer international shipping services to several countries, such as Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, Germany is unfortunately not currently included on the list of countries eligible for direct delivery from Walmart’s online store.

Alternatives for Germany-based Shoppers

However, this does not mean that shoppers in Germany are completely unable to access Walmart’s products and services. Despite lacking direct delivery to Germany, there are several alternative methods that residents of Germany can utilize to obtain products from Walmart.

One popular option is to use international package forwarding services. These services provide individuals with a virtual address in the United States, to which Walmart can deliver the ordered items. Once the items reach the virtual address, the package forwarding service will arrange for the package to be sent to the customer’s address in Germany. However, it is worth noting that additional shipping fees and potential customs duties may apply when using this method.

Another option is to visit Walmart’s physical stores in countries neighboring Germany. As an example, Walmart owns the grocery store chain, ASDA, in the United Kingdom. Germany-based shoppers can explore the option of visiting the UK and making purchases at an ASDA store. While this may not be a convenient solution for everyone, it is worth considering for those who are particularly interested in specific Walmart products.

Benefits of Walmart International Shipping

Despite the limitations in direct delivery to Germany, Walmart’s international shipping services offer several benefits that can still be enjoyed by customers. One advantage is the wide range of products available on Walmart’s online store. Known for its vast selection, Walmart offers products in various categories, including electronics, household goods, clothing, and more. Additionally, the competitive pricing and frequently offered discounts make Walmart an attractive option for online shoppers.

Furthermore, Walmart’s reputation as a reliable retailer instills confidence in customers when it comes to the quality and authenticity of the products they purchase. With a vast network and efficient logistics, Walmart ensures that products are promptly delivered and well-packaged, ensuring customer satisfaction.


While Walmart does not currently offer direct delivery to Germany, there are still options available for those residing in this European country to access Walmart’s products and services. Utilizing international package forwarding services or visiting Walmart-owned stores in neighboring countries can be viable alternatives. Walmart’s wide product range, competitive pricing, and reputation for quality make it an attractive option for shoppers around the world. Whether it is through alternative methods or keeping an eye on future developments in Walmart’s international shipping services, residents of Germany can still benefit from the convenience and value that Walmart offers.

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