Does Walmart Deliver to Israel?

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Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is known for its extensive selection of products at competitive prices. However, when it comes to international shipping, certain limitations may apply. For those residing in Israel, the question arises: does Walmart deliver to Israel? This article aims to explore the availability and practicality of Walmart’s delivery services to this Middle Eastern country.

Understanding Walmart’s International Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, Walmart has expanded its reach to many countries around the world. However, the availability of their delivery services varies depending on the location. While Walmart ships to several international destinations, Israel is not currently listed among the countries eligible for direct delivery from their website.

Alternative Solutions

While a direct delivery option may not be available, there are alternative solutions that allow customers in Israel to access Walmart’s products. This can be done through third-party services that offer package forwarding. These services provide customers with a U.S. shipping address, allowing them to make purchases from Walmart’s website and have their packages redirected to Israel.

Using Package Forwarding Services

Package forwarding services act as intermediaries, bridging the gap between customers and online retailers that don’t offer direct international shipping. With these services, shoppers can easily create an account and obtain a U.S. shipping address. Once the purchase is made on Walmart’s website, the packages are delivered to the forwarding company’s warehouse. From there, customers can request the forwarding company to ship their packages to their address in Israel.

Benefits and Considerations

Using package forwarding services offers several benefits to customers in Israel. Firstly, it provides access to a wider range of products offered by Walmart, which may not be available locally. Additionally, customers can take advantage of Walmart’s competitive prices and special promotions. However, it is important to consider potential drawbacks such as additional shipping fees, customs duties, and longer delivery times due to the multiple handling steps involved.

Recommended Package Forwarding Services

While there are several package forwarding services available, it is crucial to select a reliable and reputable one. Some popular options include MyUS, Borderlinx, and Shipito. These companies have established themselves as trustworthy providers, offering efficient package consolidation, reliable shipping options, and excellent customer service.


While Walmart does not directly deliver to Israel, customers in this country can still access the retailer’s wide range of products through package forwarding services. These services act as intermediaries, allowing customers to gain access to Walmart’s competitive prices and diverse selection of goods. By utilizing reputable package forwarding companies, customers can overcome the limitation of direct international shipping and enjoy the benefits of shopping from one of the largest retailers in the world. Whether it’s electronics, clothing, or household essentials, Walmart’s products are within reach for customers in Israel.

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