Does Walmart Deliver to Mauritius?

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Walmart, the multinational retail corporation, has a strong presence worldwide, serving millions of customers. However, the extent of its delivery services is a common concern for those residing in various countries. One query that frequently arises is whether Walmart delivers to Mauritius. In this article, we shall delve into this topic and explore the delivery services Walmart offers to the island nation.

Walmart’s Global Reach

Walmart has an extensive global supply chain and has expanded its operations to numerous countries. However, it is important to note that the availability of Walmart’s delivery services varies across different locations. While Walmart offers delivery options to many countries, the accessibility in Mauritius is limited.

Walmart’s Delivery Services in Mauritius

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently deliver items directly to Mauritius. The absence of Walmart’s physical presence in the country restricts the availability of its delivery services. This means that customers in Mauritius cannot benefit from Walmart’s renowned door-to-door delivery.

Alternatives for Mauritian Customers

Although Walmart may not directly serve Mauritian customers from their website, there are alternative options available to acquire Walmart products. Many online marketplaces and third-party sellers offer delivery services to Mauritius, enabling customers to purchase Walmart items from these platforms. These sellers usually feature a wide range of products, ensuring that customers are not deprived of the opportunity to purchase items available at Walmart.

Shopping Assistance

To simplify the shopping process for Mauritian customers, it is advisable to use a trusted intermediary or personal shopper. These individuals or companies reside in countries where Walmart operates and offer their services to facilitate overseas purchases. By availing of their assistance, Mauritian customers can easily access Walmart’s products without having to navigate complex international shipping procedures.

Delivery Duration and Costs

When purchasing Walmart products through online marketplaces or intermediaries, it is crucial to consider factors such as delivery duration and costs. The delivery period will typically depend on the chosen platform and the shipping method employed. Furthermore, customers should also take into account any additional charges, such as customs duties or taxes, which may be applicable when importing goods into Mauritius.


While Walmart does not currently provide direct delivery services to Mauritius, customers in the country can still access Walmart items through online marketplaces and personal shoppers. By exploring these avenues, Mauritian consumers can benefit from the wide range of products offered by Walmart. However, it is important to consider delivery duration and costs to ensure a smooth purchasing experience. As Walmart continues to expand its global reach, there may be future opportunities for Mauritian customers to avail of its delivery services directly. Until then, utilizing alternative methods is the ideal solution to bring Walmart products to the shores of Mauritius.

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