Does Walmart Deliver to Saudi Arabia?

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Walmart, the retail giant, has expanded its reach to the far corners of the world, catering to the diverse needs and demands of its customers. Saudi Arabia, a country with a growing consumer market and a substantial expatriate population, has rightfully captured the attention of Walmart. As such, many residents and visitors alike wonder if Walmart delivers to Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will explore this question and shed light on the availability and delivery options offered by Walmart in the Kingdom.

Can Walmart Deliver to Saudi Arabia?

Currently, Walmart does not deliver directly to Saudi Arabia. The company primarily operates within the United States, although it has expanded its e-commerce services to several countries. However, Saudi Arabia is not among the destinations that Walmart offers delivery services to, at least for now. Consequently, residents of Saudi Arabia may need to explore alternative options to purchase products from Walmart.

Alternatives for Shopping at Walmart in Saudi Arabia

While direct delivery from Walmart may not be available in Saudi Arabia, there are alternatives to consider when it comes to shopping for Walmart products. One popular method is utilizing international package forwarding services. These services act as intermediaries, allowing individuals to order goods from US-based retailers, including Walmart, and having them shipped to their Saudi Arabian address. Companies like Shop & Ship and MyUS are renowned for their reliable forwarding services, enabling customers in Saudi Arabia to access goods from various US-based retailers, including Walmart.

International E-commerce Platforms

Another possibility for Saudi Arabian residents to shop at Walmart is through international e-commerce platforms that partner with a multitude of retailers, including Walmart. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress offer a wide range of products from various retailers, giving customers a chance to buy Walmart goods indirectly. By using these platforms, Saudi consumers can access an extensive selection of Walmart products, often with the added convenience of international shipping options.

Shopping at Walmart while Abroad

For those residing in Saudi Arabia temporarily or traveling to the Kingdom, one option is to visit a physical Walmart store during their travel abroad. Walmart has a vast network of stores in the United States and other countries, making it possible to experience the brand’s wide range of products firsthand. By planning their visit around a Walmart store location, Saudi Arabian residents and travelers can explore the aisles, make their purchases, and bring them back to Saudi Arabia.


While at present Walmart does not offer direct delivery to Saudi Arabia, there are alternative avenues for Saudi residents and visitors to access Walmart products. Employing package forwarding services, utilizing international e-commerce platforms, or visiting a physical Walmart store while abroad all provide options for those seeking to experience the retail giant’s offerings. As Walmart’s international expansion continues, it remains possible that direct delivery to Saudi Arabia could become available in the future, ensuring that the convenience and competitive prices Walmart is known for can be enjoyed by customers in the Kingdom.

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