Does Walmart Deliver to UAE?

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In today’s globalized world, online shopping has become a convenient way for consumers to purchase products from around the world. With its vast variety and competitive prices, Walmart is one of the most popular online retailers. However, for customers residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a pressing question arises: does Walmart deliver to UAE? In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and shed light on how Walmart’s delivery services reach customers in the UAE.

Shipping Policies and Options

When it comes to international shipping, Walmart has significantly expanded its reach in recent years. However, unfortunately, direct delivery to the UAE is currently not available. This means that UAE residents cannot place an order on Walmart’s website and have it shipped directly to their doorstep. Nonetheless, there are alternative methods that residents of the UAE can utilize in order to receive their desired products from Walmart.

Package Forwarding Services

To overcome the obstacle of Walmart not directly delivering to the UAE, one option is to utilize package forwarding services. These services act as a mediator between the customer and the retailer, allowing customers to shop from stores that do not ship directly to their country. By signing up with a package forwarding company, UAE residents can obtain a US-based address, which they can then use when placing an order on Walmart’s website. Once Walmart ships the products to the provided US address, the package forwarding company will then forward the items to the customer’s UAE address.

Benefits and Considerations

Using package forwarding services to receive products from Walmart in the UAE offers several benefits. Firstly, customers gain access to Walmart’s extensive range of products, including electronics, home goods, clothing, and more. Additionally, customers can take advantage of Walmart’s competitive prices and occasional exclusive discounts. Furthermore, choosing a reliable package forwarding service ensures that customers can track their packages, receive consolidated shipments, and take advantage of additional services such as package consolidation and repackaging.

However, it is important to consider a few factors when utilizing package forwarding services. One key consideration is the cost. UAE residents should be aware that utilizing a package forwarding service involves additional charges beyond the product’s price and shipping fees. These additional costs typically include forwarding fees, shipping costs to the UAE, and potential customs duties and taxes. It is crucial to research and compare different package forwarding companies to choose one that offers transparent pricing and reliable service.


While Walmart does not directly deliver to the UAE, residents of the UAE can still access Walmart’s vast array of products through package forwarding services. By utilizing a package forwarding company, customers gain the opportunity to shop from one of the world’s largest online retailers and enjoy the benefits of competitive prices, exclusive promotions, and a diverse range of products. However, it is important to consider the additional costs associated with package forwarding services and choose a reliable and transparent provider. With the right approach, UAE residents can satisfy their shopping needs and have products from Walmart conveniently delivered right to their doorstep.

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