Does Waterstones Deliver to Australia?

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Waterstones is a well-known bookstore with a vast collection of books, enticing book lovers from around the world. However, for those residing in Australia, many might wonder if Waterstones delivers to their location. In this article, we will explore the delivery options provided by Waterstones and shed light on whether they deliver to Australia or not.

Waterstones Delivery Options

Before we address the specific delivery options to Australia, let’s look at the general delivery services provided by Waterstones. Waterstones offers various delivery options to cater to the needs of its customers.

Standard Delivery:

Waterstones provides standard delivery services for both domestic and international shipping. This service usually takes around 2-3 working days within the UK, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Next Day Delivery:

For those seeking expedited delivery, Waterstones offers next day delivery options within the UK. However, this service is not available for international shipping.

Click & Collect:

Waterstones also offers a convenient Click & Collect service, allowing customers to place orders online and pick them up from their nearest Waterstones store at their convenience.

Does Waterstones Deliver to Australia?

Now, let’s address the burning question – does Waterstones deliver to Australia? Unfortunately, currently, Waterstones does not offer direct delivery services to Australia. This means that they do not ship books directly to Australian addresses.

However, this does not mean that Australian book lovers cannot get their hands on the titles available at Waterstones. There are alternative ways to obtain books from Waterstones, even if you’re residing in Australia.

Alternative Options for Australian Book Lovers

Although Waterstones itself does not deliver to Australia, there are a few alternative options for Australian bookworms to explore.

Third-Party Shipping Services:

One option is to use third-party shipping services that provide addresses in the UK or other countries where Waterstones delivers. These services receive your package on your behalf and forward it to your Australian address. However, it is essential to research and choose a reputable shipping service to ensure a smooth and reliable delivery process.

eBook Downloads:

Another option for Australian book enthusiasts is to explore Waterstones’ eBook collection. Waterstones offers a wide range of eBooks that can be conveniently downloaded and read on various devices such as e-readers, tablets, or smartphones. This allows Australian readers to access their favorite titles without the need for physical delivery.


In conclusion, while Waterstones does not directly deliver to Australia, there are alternative ways for Australian book lovers to enjoy the vast collection of titles offered by Waterstones. By utilizing third-party shipping services or exploring Waterstones’ eBook collection, Australian readers can still indulge in the joy of reading their favorite books from this renowned bookstore. So, for those residing in the Land Down Under, Waterstones’ intriguing collection remains within reach, making it possible to immerse oneself in the world of literature, regardless of geographical limitations.

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