Does Waterstones Deliver to Singapore?

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Waterstones is a renowned bookstore chain in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of books across various genres. Singapore, with its thriving literary scene, is a haven for book lovers seeking to explore new titles and indulge in their passion for reading. However, many Singaporeans wonder if Waterstones delivers to their country. In this article, we will explore the availability of Waterstones’ delivery service to Singapore, taking into account the convenience, pricing, and overall experience the bookstore provides.

Availability of Delivery

Waterstones is primarily a UK-based bookstore, and as such, their delivery service is primarily focused on the UK market. Unfortunately, this means that Waterstones does not deliver directly to Singapore. However, this should not deter Singaporeans from accessing the vast collection of books available at Waterstones.

Alternative Options

Although Waterstones does not offer direct delivery to Singapore, there are alternative options available for Singaporeans who wish to purchase books from the popular bookstore. One option is to use a mail forwarding service. These services provide customers with a UK address where the books can be shipped and then forwarded to Singapore. While this option may involve additional shipping costs, it provides a way for Singaporeans to access the books they desire from Waterstones.

Another alternative is to shop at third-party online retailers that offer Waterstones books. Websites such as Amazon or Book Depository stock a vast selection of Waterstones’ titles and offer international shipping, including to Singapore. These retailers often have competitive pricing and convenient delivery options, making it easier for Singaporeans to get their hands on their favorite Waterstones books.

Convenience and Customer Experience

While Waterstones may not have a direct delivery service to Singapore, it is crucial to consider the convenience and overall customer experience the bookstore provides. Waterstones has garnered a strong reputation for its exceptional customer service and knowledgeable staff. Their staff members are passionate about books and can provide expert recommendations, making the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, Waterstones has a user-friendly website that allows customers to browse through their vast collection, read reviews, and even participate in virtual book events. Singaporeans can explore Waterstones’ extensive catalog online, discover new titles, and make informed decisions before purchasing their desired books through an alternative delivery option.


When considering purchasing books from Waterstones, it is essential to evaluate the pricing compared to other available options. While some books may be slightly more expensive due to additional shipping fees or international seller prices, many Singaporeans find that the convenience and access to Waterstones’ unique selection justify the cost. It is advisable to compare prices between different online retailers to ensure that you are getting the best deal.


Although Waterstones does not offer direct delivery to Singapore, there are alternative options available for book lovers in the country. Mail forwarding services and third-party online retailers provide Singaporeans with access to Waterstones’ vast collection of books. While there may be additional costs involved, the convenience, customer experience, and unique titles offered by Waterstones can make it worthwhile for Singaporeans to explore these alternative avenues. So, if you are in Singapore and looking to expand your literary horizons with books from Waterstones, there are ways to make it happen. Happy reading!

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