Does Wayfair Deliver to Cyprus?

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Wayfair is a well-known online retailer that offers a vast selection of home furnishings and décor. With its wide reach and quick shipping, it’s no wonder many people turn to Wayfair for their shopping needs. However, for individuals living in Cyprus, the question of whether Wayfair delivers to their location might arise. In this article, we will explore whether Wayfair delivers to Cyprus and provide any additional information that may be helpful for potential customers in this region.

Does Wayfair Deliver to Cyprus?

Cyprus, a beautiful Mediterranean island nation, has gained popularity over the years as a residential and vacation destination. While some online retailers offer shipping to Cyprus, the availability of specific services may vary. Does Wayfair deliver to this picturesque island? The answer is yes—Wayfair does offer shipping to Cyprus! This comes as great news for those residing or vacationing in Cyprus, as they can take advantage of Wayfair’s extensive product range without the need for international forwarding.

How Does Wayfair Ship to Cyprus?

Now that we know Wayfair delivers to Cyprus, let’s delve into the specifics of how they handle shipping to this destination. Wayfair primarily uses international shipping services like DHL and UPS to ship orders to Cyprus. These well-established carriers ensure reliable delivery to customers’ doorsteps within a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, Wayfair provides a tracking number for each shipment, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their order until it reaches its intended destination in Cyprus.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Cost and delivery times are essential factors to consider when shopping online, especially for international shipping. Wayfair provides transparent information on shipping costs and estimated delivery times to Cyprus. The shipping cost varies depending on the weight and dimensions of the item(s) purchased, as well as the shipping address within Cyprus. Typically, Wayfair offers competitive rates, ensuring customers don’t encounter exorbitant charges.

In terms of delivery times, it’s important to note that shipping to Cyprus may take slightly longer compared to domestic deliveries within the United States. On average, customers can expect their orders to arrive within 14 to 25 business days, although delivery times may vary depending on factors such as customs clearance and the specific shipping carrier used. Despite potentially longer delivery times, Wayfair strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing regular updates on the progress of each shipment en route to Cyprus.

Customs and Import Duties

When shopping internationally, it’s crucial to be aware of potential customs and import duties that may be imposed by the recipient’s country. In the case of Cyprus, customers receiving goods from Wayfair may be subject to customs fees, VAT (Value Added Tax), or other applicable taxes. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance with any such requirements and to settle any potential fees related to importing goods into Cyprus.


For those seeking to buy their favorite home furnishings and décor from Wayfair while residing in Cyprus, rest assured that Wayfair does indeed deliver to this Mediterranean nation. Wayfair utilizes reliable international shipping services, allowing customers to receive their orders within a reasonable timeframe. However, it is important to consider potential customs and import duties when ordering from abroad. As Wayfair continues to expand its reach, customers in Cyprus can confidently turn to this popular online retailer for their home improvement needs.

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