Does Wayfair Deliver to Spain?

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Wayfair is a well-known online furniture and home decor retailer that offers a wide range of affordable products. As an international company, many people wonder if Wayfair delivers to countries outside of its primary market. In this article, we will specifically explore whether Wayfair delivers to Spain, a popular destination for those seeking stylish and affordable home furnishings.

The Reach of Wayfair

Wayfair has gained a reputation for its vast selection and competitive prices, attracting customers from all over the world. However, it is important to note that the availability of their delivery services can vary by country. In the case of Spain, Wayfair does indeed deliver their products to this Mediterranean country.

Wayfair’s Delivery Options

When it comes to international deliveries, Wayfair ensures a seamless experience for customers in Spain. They offer several delivery options tailored to meet individual needs. The most common and affordable option is standard delivery. This option typically takes about a week to ship your items to Spain. For faster delivery, Wayfair also provides expedited shipping options for an additional fee. Whether you are furnishing a new home or simply upgrading your current space, Wayfair’s delivery options to Spain can cater to various timelines and budgets.

Import Duties and Taxes

One important factor to consider when ordering from Wayfair to Spain is the potential customs duties and taxes. Since Spain is a member of the European Union, ordering from an EU-based company like Wayfair generally results in a smoother customs process. This means that customers are often not subject to additional import duties or taxes. However, it is always wise to double-check the current regulations and consult with Wayfair’s customer service team for any specific questions or concerns.

Shipping Costs

Understanding the shipping costs is another vital aspect to consider when shopping at Wayfair for delivery to Spain. Although Wayfair strives to provide competitive rates, shipping costs to Spain can vary based on the products’ weight, dimension, and the chosen delivery option. Therefore, it is recommended to add the desired items to the cart and proceed to the checkout process to obtain an accurate estimate of the shipping costs.

Returning Items from Spain

While it is understandable that one might have concerns regarding the return process, Wayfair offers hassle-free returns, even for customers in Spain. In the event that a product does not meet your expectations or arrives damaged, Wayfair provides a return window of 30 days. Returns can be initiated through their website, and the company provides clear instructions on how to proceed. Additionally, Wayfair’s customer service team is readily available to assist customers with any questions or concerns regarding the return process.


Wayfair is an excellent option for those in Spain who are searching for well-priced furniture and home decor items. With a range of delivery options and a straightforward return policy, Wayfair makes it easy for customers to shop and have their purchases delivered right to their doorsteps. Whether you are in Madrid, Barcelona, or any other city in Spain, you can rest assured that Wayfair’s delivery services will meet your needs. So go ahead and explore Wayfair’s extensive catalog, knowing that transforming your living space is just a few clicks away.

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