Does Whole Foods Deliver to Canada?

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Does Whole Foods Deliver to Canada?

Whole Foods Market, a renowned American supermarket chain, is known for its high-quality natural and organic products. With numerous locations in the United States and around the world, many Canadians wonder if Whole Foods delivers to their country. In this article, we will explore whether Whole Foods offers delivery services to customers in Canada.

Delivery Services Offered by Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market provides various delivery options in the United States, including Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and However, when it comes to Canada, the delivery services available are slightly different. As of now, Whole Foods only offers delivery through, which limits the selection of products available for delivery compared to the US counterpart. Delivery Options

Since acquiring Whole Foods in 2017, Amazon has gradually expanded its delivery services to include grocery items from Whole Foods. With, Canadian customers can now order select Whole Foods products online. However, it is important to note that the available selection might be more limited compared to what Whole Foods offers in-store. provides multiple delivery options for customers in Canada. Prime members can enjoy free delivery on eligible orders over a minimum purchase threshold. Additionally, Amazon also offers same-day and next-day delivery options for certain items in select areas. However, the availability of these services can vary depending on your location.

Limitations and Availability

While Whole Foods products are available for delivery through, it is crucial to understand that not all Canadians will have access to this service. The availability of Whole Foods delivery through is currently limited to specific areas and regions in Canada. Therefore, it is recommended to check with or Whole Foods’ official website to determine if your location is eligible for delivery.

Moreover, the range of products available for delivery may also be restricted compared to what is available in-store. This is due to various factors such as storage and transportation capabilities. However, efforts are continuously made to expand the available selection and improve the overall shopping experience for Canadian customers.

Other Alternatives for Whole Foods Products

For those who do not have access to Whole Foods delivery services in Canada, there are still alternative options to consider. Many local grocery stores and supermarkets across the country also prioritize offering natural and organic products. These establishments often source products from local farms and suppliers, ensuring freshness and supporting local businesses.

Additionally, there is a growing number of online platforms and grocery delivery services that cater specifically to the Canadian market. These services provide easy access to a wide range of grocery items, including natural and organic products, offering alternatives to those who may not have a Whole Foods store in their area or who prefer different shopping experiences.


Although there are some limitations to Whole Foods delivery services in Canada, it is still possible to enjoy their high-quality products through Whole Foods products are available for delivery, with various options offered through Amazon’s delivery services, such as Prime Now and next-day delivery. However, it is important to check the availability of these services in your area and be mindful of possible limitations in the product range compared to what is available in-store. For those who cannot access Whole Foods delivery or prefer alternatives, many local stores and online platforms exist to provide similar natural and organic products in Canada.

Despite the limitations, Whole Foods Market remains an attractive option for those seeking high-quality organic and natural products. As the demand for online grocery shopping continues to grow, it is possible that the delivery services for Whole Foods in Canada will expand and further improve, offering an even more extensive range of options to customers across the country.

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