Does Woot Deliver to UK?

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Woot, the popular online retailer, has gained a substantial following for its daily deals and distinct product offerings. However, one question that often arises among potential customers in the United Kingdom is whether Woot delivers to the UK. In this article, we will explore this topic and shed light on the delivery options available for UK-based consumers.

Understanding Woot’s Delivery Policy

Before exploring whether Woot delivers to the UK, it is essential to understand Woot’s delivery policy. Woot primarily operates within the United States, offering deals to its vast American customer base. This focus on the US market has led to some limitations when it comes to international shipping.

Delivery to the UK

While Woot does not offer direct international shipping to the UK, they do provide an option for UK-based customers. Woot has partnered with Borderlinx, an international shipping service, to bring their products to customers outside the United States. This partnership allows Woot to extend its reach and cater to a global audience, including those in the UK.

How Does Borderlinx Work?

Borderlinx acts as a mediator between Woot and international customers. Once you create an account with Borderlinx, they provide you with a unique address in the United States. This US address can be used as the shipping address when ordering from Woot. Once your purchase arrives at the Borderlinx warehouse in the US, they then forward it to your UK address.

Benefits of Using Borderlinx

Although using Borderlinx adds an extra step to the ordering process, it opens up a world of possibilities for UK consumers who wish to take advantage of Woot’s deals. By partnering with Borderlinx, Woot has made it possible for UK customers to access their unique products and discounted prices. This partnership eliminates the frustration of being unable to purchase items from Woot and allows UK consumers to enjoy the same shopping experience as their American counterparts.

Considerations and Costs

It is worth noting that when using Borderlinx, you are responsible for any applicable customs duties and taxes. These charges vary depending on the value and nature of the products you order. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with your country’s customs regulations to avoid any surprises when your package arrives in the UK.

Furthermore, shipping costs with Borderlinx are not included in the initial price offered by Woot. Borderlinx calculates the shipping fees based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of your package. It is advisable to check Borderlinx’s website for an estimate of these costs before making your purchase.


While Woot does not deliver directly to the UK, its partnership with Borderlinx has opened up new possibilities for UK consumers. By using Borderlinx as a mediator, UK customers can take advantage of Woot’s unique products and daily deals. Although there are additional considerations, such as customs duties and shipping costs, the opportunity to access Woot’s offerings makes the extra steps worthwhile for many UK-based shoppers. If you are a UK resident eager to explore Woot’s products, using Borderlinx is a reliable and efficient way to get your hands on those sought-after bargains.

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