Does Yes24 Deliver to Australia?

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Yes24 is a popular online bookstore based in South Korea that offers a wide range of books and other products. With its extensive collection and competitive prices, many book enthusiasts in Australia have been wondering if Yes24 delivers to their country. In this article, we will explore the delivery options provided by Yes24 and whether they cater to customers residing in Australia.

Does Yes24 Deliver to Australia?

If you’re located in Australia and hoping to order books from Yes24, unfortunately, the direct answer is no. Yes24 does not currently offer shipping services to Australia. This limitation is mainly due to logistical challenges, including customs regulations, shipping costs, and delivery timeframes. However, this does not mean that Australian customers are completely deprived of the opportunity to purchase books from Yes24.

Alternative Options for Australian Customers

Although Yes24 does not deliver to Australia, there are alternative options available for Australian customers who are eager to access the vast range of books offered by Yes24. One of the most popular alternatives is to use third-party shipping services that provide forwarding addresses. These services essentially act as intermediaries, allowing customers to ship their purchases to a designated address within South Korea before forwarding them to Australia.

How Third-Party Shipping Services Work

To utilize third-party shipping services, Australian customers can sign up with a reputable provider such as Korean Buddy or Malltail, among others. These services assign customers a unique virtual address in South Korea, which acts as their shipping destination for purchases from Yes24. Once the package arrives at the virtual address, the third-party shipping service forwards it to the customer’s actual address in Australia.

Benefits and Considerations

Using third-party shipping services to access Yes24’s offerings provides several benefits. Firstly, customers gain access to a vast selection of books and products that are otherwise unavailable in Australia. Additionally, by taking advantage of South Korea’s competitive book prices, customers can potentially save money even after considering forwarding fees. However, it is essential to consider any additional costs associated with using third-party shipping services, such as handling fees, international shipping charges, and customs duties.

Delivery Time and Reliability

When utilizing third-party shipping services, it is important to note that delivery times may be slightly longer compared to traditional shipping methods. Packages may require additional transit time from Yes24 to the virtual address in South Korea and then from the provider to the customer’s address in Australia. However, reputable providers strive to ensure reliable and timely deliveries to their customers. It is recommended to research and select a trusted third-party shipping service to minimize any potential issues.


While Yes24 does not directly deliver to Australia, there are alternative options available for Australian customers who wish to purchase books from this popular online bookstore. Utilizing third-party shipping services that provide forwarding addresses in South Korea can give customers access to a wide range of books and products that would otherwise be inaccessible. However, it is important to consider additional costs and delivery timeframes associated with these services. By exploring these alternative options, book enthusiasts in Australia can still experience the joy of shopping through Yes24’s extensive collection.

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