Does Zales Deliver to UK?

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Does Zales Deliver to UK


For those who are fascinated by fine jewelry or searching for the perfect engagement ring, Zales is a name that often comes to mind. With an impressive collection of diamonds, gemstones, and other precious metals, Zales has become synonymous with quality and style. However, for potential customers residing in the United Kingdom, a common question arises: does Zales deliver to the UK? In this article, we will explore this question in depth to provide a clear answer.

Shipping Policy and International Deliveries

When it comes to shipping, Zales primarily caters to customers within the United States. Their standard shipping policy covers all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, utilizing well-known carriers such as UPS and FedEx. As for international deliveries, including the UK, Zales does offer shipping services. However, this service is limited to select countries outside of the US.

Delivery to the United Kingdom

Unfortunately, despite Zales’ international shipping option, it is important to note that delivery to the United Kingdom is not currently available. Although this may be disappointing news for UK residents dreaming of owning a piece of Zales jewelry, there are alternative options to consider.

Alternative Options

While Zales may not directly deliver to the UK, there are various alternatives that allow customers to enjoy Zales’ jewelry without any limitations. Firstly, utilizing a package forwarding service can be extremely beneficial. Services like Borderlinx or ShopUSA allow customers to ship items to a US address, where the package is then forwarded to the intended international destination. This option enables UK customers to overcome the barriers posed by Zales’ shipping restrictions.

Another alternative is to explore Zales’ parent company, Signet Jewelers, and its international operations. Signet Jewelers is one of the largest jewelry retailers globally, operating popular brands such as Ernest Jones and H. Samuel in the UK. While these brands may not carry Zales-specific pieces, they offer a wide range of other high-quality jewelry suitable for various tastes and budgets.

Online Marketplaces

Additionally, online marketplaces present further opportunities for those wanting to purchase jewelry from Zales. Platforms like eBay or Amazon often have sellers offering Zales jewelry, including engagement rings and other popular collections. However, it is essential to exercise caution and ensure the seller is reputable and reliable before making a purchase.


In conclusion, while Zales does not currently deliver directly to the United Kingdom, there are alternative options available for UK residents to enjoy their stunning collection of jewelry. Through the use of package forwarding services, exploring Signet Jewelers’ UK-based brands, or considering online marketplaces, individuals can still access and purchase Zales jewelry from the comfort of their homes. So, for those residing in the UK who cherish the beauty of Zales, don’t despair – there are ways to acquire these stunning pieces despite the current shipping limitations.

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